SIC Rebekah: An existence that talks so you’re able to us

Rebekah: An existence that talks so you’re able to us

By the J.P. Thackway

And Isaac lead the girl towards their mommy Sarah’s tent, and you may got Rebekah, and you will she turned his spouse; and he adored their: and you can Isaac try comfortable immediately after his mom’s demise. Genesis

And you can Isaac intreated god having his partner, since she try bare: therefore the LORD is actually intreated of your, and you will Rebekah their wife developed. .

And you will … Rebekah … called Jacob their younger guy, and told you unto him, View, thy aunt Esau, since touching thee, doth comfort themselves, purposing to help you eliminate thee. Now therefore, my personal child, follow my personal voice; and you can arise, flee thou to help you Laban my cousin in order to Haran; And tarry with your a short while, up until thy brother’s anger turn aside. -forty two.

This type of three scriptures are about Rebekah: Isaac’s wife, as well as the mommy regarding Jacob and you can Esau. He’s from the collection of level regarding the girl life. The very first is their addition so you’re able to Isaac in addition to their marriage; the second, is concerning the a critical difficulty which the Lord please fixed inside the means to fix prayer; plus the third, a sinful policy one to overshadowed the latest closing numerous years of this lady earthly pilgrimage.

Rebekah is actually obviously an effective godly, gracious girl. The lady early life are laden up with vow, so when it changed, they met most of that promise. Yet, this lady afterwards run designed you to she left the country significantly less than a beneficial cloud. Which, regrettably, is the span of all the a lot of lives. Saddest of all the, they mirrors the lifetime out-of Christian some one. They really stands just like the an alert so you’re able to us – and in addition since a support so you’re able to tread a much better street having our very own upcoming.

What happened having Rebekah? Once we thought her lifestyle, we need to keep in mind that this isn’t only about someone lifestyle many thousands of years back. It’s more than off historic focus to help you united states. In Romans 15:cuatro the brand new passionate apostle reminds all of us you to: “at all something was in fact written aforetime were authored for our reading, we thanks to patience and you can comfort of one’s scriptures have guarantee.”

Genesis -67 is the delightful scene in which Abraham’s servant will bring Rebekah of the lady home to Isaac to be their spouse. So it concerning the Christ’s coming need to be found thanks to his “seed” (Genesis twenty eight:4). Therefore, that true blessing supplied to Isaac need to now encounter Isaac’s heir as 2nd age group. His relationships, hence, is needed for a boy who can bring that it pass, regarding Messianic range, down seriously to Christ on the fulness of your time.

New customized ones moments did it that way. But in a high feel it was arranged because of the heaven. Eliezer, as he prayed his method along, you can expect to state, “she you to thou hast designated to possess thy slave Isaac” (Genesis ).

Christians exactly who prayerfully look for e. All of the relationships “regarding the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:39) is build by a kind and grateful God. It’s never only two different people fulfilling by accident: it’s of the divine appointment. God provides His Eves to their Adams (Genesis dos:22), His Ruths to their Boazs (Ruth dos:3) – and his awesome Rebekahs on their Isaacs. Marriages in this way was really produced in eden.

Due to the fact Rebekah was raised yourself, she discovered those individuals properties who enable the girl becoming somebody’s wife. The lady innovative, helping cardiovascular system presented by itself on well since the she received h2o getting Eliezer, “and also for thy camels plus” (Genesis ,19). The newest servant has shrewdly required so it a lot more contact since the a great providential signal to understand Rebekah because you to definitely for Isaac, and thus it proved to be.

Rebekah: A lives one talks so you can you

Getting Isaac, his profile and you will properties had been graciously has worked in him as he was raised, arriving at a mind inside the unresisting co-process together with father to the Install Moriah: “Abraham … applied the fresh new wood managed, and you will bound Isaac their boy, and you will applied him on the altar up on the fresh new timber” (Genesis 22:9). This, and you may everything about his upbringing might have waiting your as good partner (Genesis ).