SIC Passionate Colombian Books

Colombia houses some of the world’s many enchanting passionate settings. From your falling apart sailor’s outpost of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s famous novel Appreciate in the Time of Cholera towards the lush greenery and regal castles of Cartagena, the country possesses a lot to offer romance searchers.

Hundred Years of Solitude

Written in the magical realism style, this book explains to the story of seven ages of an family coping with Macondo, an imagined town in Colombia. The characters are formed by the disorder and order that surrounds them.


This innovative is about a group of petroleum workers in Colombia who work for American fat companies. It deals with the exploitation of these employees and the women who support them.

Chronicle of the Death Foretold

Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Reward for Literary works in 1982 for this fresh. It tells the storyplot of Karen and her cousin Efrain who fall in love in the bucolic, rural placing of Vaguada del Cauca.


In this exciting adventure, Talia is an American-born girl who also lives with her grandma in a Colombian city. Her father, Mauro, was deported from Colombia and her sister and close friend are undocumented. She tries to locate her parents’ past when securing their long term.

Xmas in Republic of colombia

Decembers undoubtedly are a specialized time in the lives of most Colombians, if it could be visiting prolonged families with music and natilla or perhaps making bunuelos. This book explores how family customs can bring persons together in an unfamiliar place. It reminds me of the Christmases I spent with my personal extended Colombian family.